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Printing System Upgrade

Please note that there has been a printing system upgrade.

Cash deposits should no longer be made at the cashier’s office but at the ICAM CASH ACCEPTING TERMINALS (KUDU BUCKS TERMINALS AVAILABLE CAMPUS WIDE).

You can validate cash deposits made by means of login to a faculty student printer.

Printer location

Printer Name

Multipurpose Lab (Path Lab)


FHS Library


Dental School


CHSE Graphics Department


(can produce black and white prints charged at black and white rates*)

CHSE (Open area at the courtyards)


CHB Learning Centre


Occupational Therapy Dept Khanya Block Education Campus


(can produce black and white prints charged at black and white rates*)

Process to follow:

Login to Faculty Student Printer by means of Pin Number (8 digit pin – add preceding zero’s to your original pin) or Swipe Student Card in front of the Printer. If your swipe facility does not work kindly inform IT at it@health.wits.ac.za. Please provide your student number, name and surname.

Under Account Selection two Options will be presented:

Option 1: Your Name / Student Number (only for SCMD3000-6000 / GEMP 1-4 students)

a) For preloaded printing credits (loaded by CHSE)

b) Students should make every attempt to use all funds from this account by the end of the year (2011), as we would like to switch to the KUDU BUCKS system from 3 January 2012

Option 2: KUDU BUCKS (all registered students)

a) Select this option to validate that the cash deposit made at the KUDU BUCKS TERMINAL reflects under this account option

General Printing information

* If you wish to print in black and white from a colour device please go to:

a) Printers and Faxes on the computer you are sending the print job from

b) Right click on the colour printer – go to properties

c) Click on the General tab – click on printer preferences

d) Under the Setup tab: Colour / Black and White – select Black and White

e) Click OK

f) These jobs will now be charged at a black and white rate upon a system recalculation as this is a colour device by default

The printing rates are:

Black-white A4 = R0.35

Colour A4 = R3.00

Please note that all print jobs can be stored for 72 hours on the system before releasing them. After this period expires the system will automatically delete your print job.

Please note that printing credits will be carried over from year to year BUT students should ensure that they use their printing credits by the end of their final year as credits are non refundable.


Please note that all the KBT’s will be shut down on the 09th December 2011. The KBT’s will be reactivated during the week of 03 to 06 January 2012.

All monies must be deposited before the shut down date for facilities such as photocopying, printing and fines that need to be paid during this period. Note that funds already loaded on cards can be spent during this period.

For any enquiries, please contact the ICAM Office on the 2nd Floor, Senate House, SH2032/5 or call 011 717 1872/5

ICAM Department

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2012 Courses

To all users,

The 2012 e-Learning courses are on another site. To visit the new site, please click on this link: therapy.health.wits.ac.za


e-Learning Team
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STS e-Learning Office

Room 16 & 17
Conacher Building (Khanya Block)
Occupational Therapy Office site

Tel: 011 717 3272
Mr Papi Mthimkulu "papi.mthimkulu@wits.ac.za
Mrs Paula Barnard-Ashton "paula.barnard@wits.ac.za"

Any info about e-Learning (e-Physio, e-Nursing, e-XScience, e-OT and e-Pharm) sites (moodle)

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Wits Library goes mobi!

e-WITS MOBILE: THE LIBRARY CATALOGUE GOES MOBILE (Fri, 3 June 2011)   The Library recently launched the e-Wits Mobile service. Through this service, the Wits community can now search the web based Library catalogue using all Internet-accessible handheld wireless devices, including smart phones, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and iPads. Whether on the bus, waiting for a class to start, or browsing a bookstore or library stacks, users can now search for research, teaching and learning materials, access Library branch information, check holds and perform loan renewals on their mobile devices. Accessing the e-Wits catalogue self-service features on-the-go is fast and easy — a convenient time saver for users. The look and feel of the Library Catalogue screens viewed via e-Wits Mobile will vary depending upon the device used. To minimize inconveniences, users can bookmark the e-Wits Mobile web address: http://m.innopac.wits.ac.za .   Questions can be directed to Charl.Roberts@wits.ac.za, #Dept-Library-Help@wits.ac.za (help@library.wits.ac.za) or phone 011 717 1930.